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West Virginia
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mountain william 29-Mar-19
JayD 04-Apr-19
mountain william 04-Apr-19
Babysaph 04-Apr-19
JayD 05-Apr-19
mountain william 05-Apr-19
Wanting to buy some ramps at a reasonable price> I would like between a half bushel and a bushel. Anyone interested let me know. Thanks

From: JayD
I just saw someone on Facebook posting they would have some in a week or two - but for like $25 for 5 pounds.

Thanks, Too much for my blood.

From: Babysaph
Man I hear ya. If I get to my cabin I'll send you some.

From: JayD
I was going to say the same thing if I can get down to the creek here soon I will look and see if there are some and let you know. I thought that was pricey as well!

Thank you gentlemen.

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