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Sterling Harrell Momorial Shoot
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LaGriz 02-Apr-19
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From: LaGriz

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Crew of 5 from 2015 Event
LaGriz's embedded Photo
Crew of 5 from 2015 Event
Louisiana Traditional Bowmen are sponsoring the 26th Anniversary Sterling Harrell Memorial 3-D Shoot May 4th-5th Visit the website: Location: Lost Bayou Boy Scout Camp In Chico. Contact: Please check out the website. President of LTB David Harbison - [email protected]

Prizes for each class of shooters. Classes include : Modern & Traditional Recurve, Modern & Traditional Longbow. Self-bow, Seniors, Women, and Youths. Family friendly Event - No Alcoholic Beverages Attractions include: Silent Auction, Flint Napping, Venders Booths, Concession Stand will benefit the Boy Scouts. Saturday Evening Fish Fry and one the finest locations in the state for a 3-D event.

If you have been thinking about attending a Traditional Archery event, please don't miss this opportunity. The members of LTB are a fine bunch of people. If you are a bow hunter, target archer, or would like to meet some like-minded sportsmen, you won't do any better then this shoot. Kids and grand kids are welcome and encourage their involvement. Great place to check out equipment and learn what kind of Traditional gear fits your tastes. I would like to thank the Boy Scouts that have been so kind to our organization. Hope to see you there! LaGriz (Scott Cowles: Officer at large)

From: Nif
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