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Just moved to Maryland. Hunting laws?
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aggiepilot03 03-Apr-19
Bogie 09-Apr-19
hdaman 15-Apr-19
MDcrazyman 03-Jun-19
Shuteye 20-Jun-19
Deerer 21-Jun-20
From: aggiepilot03
I just recently moved to Maryland with the military. I am in the process of buying a Home near Hughesville. I have checked out the WMA sites and found a few near me. The Indian creek NRMA I have heard is a good place for whitetail. Is anyone familiar with this area. Also the house I am buying sits on 3 acres what are the laws about hunting your own land? I am mostly looking to archery hunt.

From: Bogie
First Welcome, second THANKS for your SERVICE. It depends on county regulations, buildings, houses, ect. Ask your neighbors about tracking a wounded animal on there property. Be safe my Friend

From: hdaman
Welcome to Southern Maryland and thanks for serving! The Md DNR website is pretty good and has all of the rules you will need to know. 3 acres in the right spot can be great as most of this area is made up of smaller farms and home sites. As mentioned, meet your neighbors before the season and you may even get additional access for hunting. Charles county produces some dandy deer every year. Good luck from Calvert county!

From: MDcrazyman
Yeah, I came with the military too a long time ago, dude you need to hunt on DOD installations, most have an archery season that you qualify for every year. Look into it man, ask where you work and see. Huge opportunities there. Check it out.

From: Shuteye
Maryland has a lot of deer and you can legally kill a bunch. Get to know your neighbors.

From: Deerer
Looking to bowhunt, just have a question. I'm on family land that i grew up on and lived on at one time but a neighbor recently started renting this land to hunt also. Do i need permission to hunt the land? Ive researched and read that children of the landowner can hunt without a I'm leaning towards that. Just want to make sure, maybe i am overthinking it. I already completed hunters safety. Thnx.

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