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Horse rentals
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Schl44 03-Apr-19
osage 03-Apr-19
wytex 04-Apr-19
Stryker 07-Apr-19
Schl44 09-Apr-19
wyohunter1 10-Apr-19
Stryker 12-Apr-19
Bill in MI 19-May-19
brunse 21-Jun-19
From: Schl44
Does anyone know if there are horse or mule rentals near the Bighorns? Or maybe locals that could be hired to pack out an Elk.

From: osage
There was someone a few years ago in Pavillion that rented horses.

From: wytex

Remember packers have to be licensed too. If you find a local don't "pay" them to avoid trouble for both of you.

From: Stryker
What area are you hunting and that could narrow down your search

From: Schl44
Am thinking 38 or 39.

From: wyohunter1
There is a guy in Cody that rents horses, and there is another guy that rents llamas. I can get contact info if needed.

From: Stryker
I have horses and have used them many times during hunting season and was glad to have them when an elk was on the ground. That being said they can also be the biggest pain in the butt at your camp. It takes a lot of time taking care of them making sure they are fed and watered and sure as heck one will have to do something stupid or get someone or themselves hurt. In the area that you would be hunting there is a lodge on porcupine creek that you can arrange a drop camp or a pack out if you get an animal down. I think it’s Big Horn Mt Lodge. I’ve hunted and packed out in those areas many times but now my stock stays home and I go off the hill and get the if needed.

From: Bill in MI
I've rented horses from the people in Pavillion. Good people and stock.

From: brunse
For some reason I think the Wyoming horses out TGIF is related to Colorado s Sombrero outfit.

Treated me well in the past.

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