Pit Blinds
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ground hunter 18-Apr-19
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Tomas 18-Apr-19
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RUGER1022 18-Apr-19
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Huntcell 19-Apr-19
Anyone else use these type of set ups? We have one just about completed in Vernon County, and will be starting another one this pm....... For my friend with his xbow, it will be really effective...... I got my compound in it, and it will work, but I can see why the shorter bow, would be the cats meow......

Impossible for my long bow, on the first one we did, looks like a Jap machine gun nest from WWII,,,,,, once we have it brushed in, it will be a no brainer spot.

this next one will have no roof, over it, so I can shoot a stick out of it,,,,,,,,,

I literally will be shooting up, with the new one, for my long bow..... the other one we built on the side of hill, overlooking a washed out pond area, so that the shots will be angled down

From: Two Feathers
Never used a pit blind but I believe they are highly effective especially with treats.

From: Tomas
I used one for gun season about 30 years ago. Killed a 3pt 200# buck, 10 below that morning.

I always look for natural depressions then build up the sides with brush.

From: Tweed
I have one up north in a natural run off. I haven't used it in three years because its just not in the right location. is comfortable and I don't worry about movement as much.

From: RUGER1022
Was it the owner of Bowsite that years ago was hunting out of a pit blind when a Cobra or black mamba decided to join him ?

Ruger just respond to my PMs to you on car buying tips and I would be happy,,,,,,

From: Wi Bowyer
Shot my 1st deer with a bow out of a pit blind!

From: longspeak74
Black mamba- - there was video of it some time ago on the big game forum

From: Huntcell
Pat was in an African blind built above ground with doors and windows when the poisonous snake decided to join him. He didn’t realize how deadly it was as it slither around inside the blind with him. The PH and trackers just about passed out when they found the snake and how much time Pat spent in the blind with it.

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