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From: Chief2
I just wanted to give a review, I took my venison to Louie's meats in Cumberland this year based on the recommendation from I think it was walleye guy. It was a bit on the expensive side so for the trial run I only brought in 20lbs. Louie mixed it 50/50 with pork, you can choose from a list of about 40 items (10 lbs minimums) I got hunters sausage, hot dogs, summer sticks, German sausage. Total for 40lbs coming back was $130 and it took about 4 months. For me it was worth every penny, everything we got my family wants me to double or triple the order next year! If you live close enough I would highly recommend them.

nice to hear,,,, lots of good places around the state, glad you found one that you like

From: Jeff in MN
Louie's is great. Lynn's custom meats in Hayward is quite good too. Turnaround this time of year is about 2 weeks. I have all my sausage made there now. Lots of variations to choose from and they are small sticks in sealed packaging. They do not mix your meat with others either.

From: Hoot
Louie's is great for sure, but if I want landjaegers, Hosely's in New Glarus has the very best.


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Cheesehead Mike's embedded Photo
Yep, Louie's is awesome. I get all my elk burger and sausage made there.

From: Live2hunt

From: grossklw
I don't get any sausage made there since we always make our own, but I usually stop and get some brats everytime we go through. Always cash in on a few smoked pork bones for the dog as well, he would also agree it's a quality product.

Yes John, I need to do that to make room in my freezers!

From: wioutdoors74
I stop at Louie's every time I'm heading up to my cabin in Hayward! It can get crowded at times, but now you know why.

From: Jeff in MN
wioutdoors74, first in case you don't know yet Hwy 63 is closed at the north end of Hayward. If your place means driving north on 63 you will have to plan for another route. Also 27 is down to two lanes from Quik Trip to county B. The intersection at B is being rebuilt as part of the project. They are making good progress and traffic there is good now but if they aren't done before the tourists show up that area might need to be avoided.

Check out Lynns custom meats if you haven't already.

From: wioutdoors74
Thanks for heads up Jeff. Fortunately, my place is south/west of Hayward. I actually peel off near Springbrook. I've heard of Lynns but haven't made a stop yet. Will add to the list!

From: Grub
I'd put Wisconsin River meats on your radar. Been winning some big awards lately.

From: Jeffd
I get a lot of my venison made up at Louie's as well. I highly recommend the pepper jack summer sausage. Best sausage I have ever had made IMO. Hunters sticks are also very good.

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