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Grouse hunting
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ryanrc 22-Apr-19
wytex 23-Apr-19
ryanrc 23-Apr-19
From: ryanrc
How is the grouse hunting in the lower half of the state? I live in the burbs of Denver and all my grouse spots are 6 plus hours south west of me. I want to take my kids this year (7,7, and 5) for the fun of it but don't know how much time they would get with soccer and school. I was thinking a closer drive in another state may be perfect for us to get a couple birds. Casper is only 4 hours away so anything south of there could be done on a day trip. Also, can I grouse hunt wilderness areas without a guide, or would I need a guide for that too?

Thanks for any help,


From: wytex
Snowies have some and wilderness areas will be fine, only big and trophy game hunters need a resident guide. Some good fishing for kids up here too.

From: ryanrc
Thanks for the info!

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