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From: Cootswatter
April 19th, 2019

Re: Bobcat Citizen’s Petition

Greetings Trappers, Hunters, Outfitters, Ranchers, Anglers, and Stakeholders,

The Citizen’s Petition to ban the harvesting of Bobcats is scheduled to be heard on May 9th, 2019 at the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission Meeting in Grand Junction at 765 Horizon Drive, the Courtyard Marriott Hotel.

While we are looking for substantial attendance from the Sportsman community we are not asking for a bunch of personal testimony as we have most of all of that in place. Testimony will be limited anyway as the Chairman of the Commission has asked us and the opposition to strategize and coordinate testimony to not only facilitate the conversation but also to expedite the process without being redundant, disrespectful and possibly confusing to the process.

The Petitioner, Prairie Protection Colorado, Wildearth Guardians, Defenders of Wildlife, and the Humane Society of the United States are indicating they will be there in force. We need the same response! We need people to show up and oppose the petition by a sign of unity and solidarity. We are recommending to show up early and plan on the majority of the day. We need to politely and respectfully take up space and seats. This is not just a Bobcat issue. It is a Wildlife Management issue. There are many topics of discussion surrounding Wildlife Management that are on the horizon. This is only the beginning. The outcome of this can and will set the tone for other things down the road.

If you are not able to attend this meeting, please write a letter to the Parks and Wildlife Commission and make sure you carbon copy every Commissioner. This is imperative! The Commissioners email addresses are listed below.

Chairman John Howard, Vice Chairman Michelle Zimmerman, Secretary James Vigil, Taishya Adams, Robert Bray, Charles Garcia, Marie Haskett, Carrie Hauser, Marvin McDaniel, Luke Schafer, Eden Vardy,

Please be respectful, direct and concise about your concerns of Professional Wildlife Management and the need for science based decisions and ask them to oppose the Petition.

Whether you are a trapper, elk hunter, duck hunter, predator hunter, fisherman, outfitter, rancher, this is your fight!

If we can not put up a solid defense to show that we will not stand idle, the mortar of our community will begin to crumble. Today’s politics and people minded agendas threaten our very way of life.

Dozens of organizations have already come together and pledged support. Yesterday’s Sportsman’s Day at the Capitol was a huge success where we fed almost 300 people from the Capitol a Wild Game Luncheon. Many of those organizations and their members were present as well. They are all willing to support in opposing this petition, whether it be in person, through their letter writing campaigns or through signon letters.

The line has been drawn in the sand. We need to make sure that we brush it out and move it the other direction.

The main coordination efforts on this issue are from the Coloradans for Responsible Wildlife Management and the Colorado Trappers and Predator Hunters Association. We welcome and ask for all support. We are in a new age with many misconceptions about what we do and how we do it in the Sportsmen community and we need to figure out a way to right the ship and defend what is so important to all of us. We are not each others enemies, the wolf is at the door and it is up to us to set the tone by defeating the Bobcat issue.

The entire petition can be obtained by going to where it can viewed and or printed. You can also go the Colorado Parks & Wildlife Website at Go to the About Us page. Go to the Commission page. Go to the Meetings Page. You can find it for the May meeting. This way you have 2 venues to find it on.

Once again, we plead for your participation. It is up to us. We have no one to blame but ourselves if we fail.

“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are” Teddy Roosevelt Dan Gates, President CTPHA

From: Live2hunt
"Humane Society of the United States" this is the worst one. They hide under that Humane Society name. People think they are giving to the Humane Associations and there is no connection. I will go into those sites and do what I can.

From: Bloodtrail
I suspect this thread wont get much attention.

Overall, I believe the general hunting population in the US AND Wisconsin have little knowledge or concern regarding the "Anti" movement - it will be displayed in this thread...a handful of posts!!

The threat is real and they are coming for us...

We will get a "crossbow" post with 300 posts but something as important as this is lucky to see 5 to 10...

These are very hateful groups concerning sportsmen and women...

From: casekiska
Not only are these groups hateful towards sportsmen and sportswomen but they are one-sided, belligerent, relatively uninformed regarding positive game management practices and capable of a wide variety of illegal activities all designed to trample the rights of law abiding outdoor sports people.

So far us outdoor folks have, mostly, managed to hold our own and we have not yet been hurt too badly (but we have been hurt). These animal rights folks and the anti-hunting factions are growing in the U.S. and becoming more vocal. Unless we sports folks band together in formal and informal groups and present a united front to combat them we will suffer and will continue to lose our outdoor rights.

We have already lost some rights incrementally,...that's how they'll do it,...a little bite at a time,...pretty soon they've taken a big bite,...then the whole pie is gone,...then we'll sit around and wonder... "How could this happen", we will ask?

Wait long enough...don't do anything...don't fight for your rights....wait long enough and the October will come when you watch autumn's splendor from afar and not from a tree stand.

So guys and gals, fight for your rights. When you hear a plea to help out, do so. When you are asked to contribute time, your voice, or $$$ for a legitimate cause, do so. You and other like minded people are the only ones who can save hunting as our fathers, forefathers, and we have known it. It is up to you....what will you do?

From: Helgermite
Nice post Case. It's important to remember that as we all take efforts to fight against anti-hunters that our biggest gains come from swaying all the people in the middle...the "undecided" to support hunting. They are the majority and will likely have the biggest impact on our sport. So getting them on the pro-hunting side is key to winning this threat against the anti-hunters that will not sway from their purpose to end all hunting. In order to do this, all of us need to demonstrate responsible actions while hunting and any time we are not hunting, but in the limelight where the "undecided" might be watching.

This is yet another reason to work to increase our hunting number of participants by offering to take someone hunting that has never hunted before and likely in the "undecided" group.

Why hunters continue to vote for the Liberals is perplexing, to say the least.

From: Wishedhead
Colorado has gotten bad. When I had to explain what a bong was for sale in a gas station on our hunt last year that was enough. Can’t wait to cash in my points thier and take my money someplace else. What a dump

From: Wishedhead
To my naive 14 year old

From: CaptMike
"Death by a thousand cuts" is how the anti's will attack hunting and hunters. Hunters are one of the most apathetic groups I have ever had the misfortune to know.

From: Camp 2 dukes
I explained to my son the bong was a bottle rocket launcher. I felt bad lying but what do you do he was 10. I have said many times the HSUS is one of the worst organizations I really wish they would have been convicted on the racketeering charges vs a plea.

From: Bloodtrail
Capt, "Apathetic" is right...

Can’t make it out there, but I’ll hit ‘em with emails.

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