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What do you look for in a broadhead?
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Tweed 24-Apr-19
Treefarm 24-Apr-19
RUGER1022 24-Apr-19
Per48R 24-Apr-19
Screwball 24-Apr-19
Chief2 24-Apr-19
Bloodtrail 24-Apr-19
Hoot 25-Apr-19
Kevin @ Wisconsin 25-Apr-19
Mnhunter1980 25-Apr-19
Live2hunt 25-Apr-19
upnorth 25-Apr-19
SteveD 25-Apr-19
Reggiezpop 25-Apr-19
longspeak74 28-Apr-19
From: Tweed
So in your eyes what makes a good broadhead?

How many blades, kinds of blades do you like? Do you like fast and light or heavy and momentous? How steep of an angle do you like? Want an angle that punches or one that slices?

From: Treefarm
One that doesn’t waste energy upon penetration. I think we all can agree that cutting is the main job, all broadheads cut, but some waste kinetic energy.

I have heard people blame the broadhead when in fact, it wasn’t the broadhead. For some, they don’t like to accept responsibility for a poor shot.

From: RUGER1022
Fixed , Small , light ( 100 grains) , 4 Blade , scary sharp . Oh yea, Slicktrick .

From: Per48R
One that wastes a lot of energy on penetration. I want as much energy dumped (damage) into a turkey as possible and still get a pass through.

On deer, I want the same thing. The larger bones and width of a deer mean a different broad head then turkey. That usually means as efficient slicing as possible.

From: Screwball
3 blade fixed, muzzy 100 grain.

From: Chief2
Heavy 4 blade fixed, I want it to hit like a baseball bat

From: Bloodtrail

Bloodtrail's embedded Photo
Bloodtrail's embedded Photo
I look for ones that leave wound channels much like this one! Rage mechanical on this NAP Spitfires as well!!! Blood trails that Stevie Wonder can follow!!

From: Hoot
Treefarm - +1 ----- I have heard people blame the broadhead when in fact, it wasn’t the broadhead. For some, they don’t like to accept responsibility for a poor shot.

I've heard this excuse from one guy five times and from others.

I loved the magnus stingers. Shot them for years with great accuracy, but switched because their blood trails sucked.

I'm now shooting slick trick standards. Scary sharp and leave an easy to follow blood trails.

From: Mnhunter1980
VPA non vented 3 blade 150 gr. works well like many others. It flies well for me and is easy to sharpen.

Broadheads are not at the top of my list for worries since buck fever is my worst enemy. Most broadheads in the right spot will make a short blood trail.

From: Live2hunt
Sharp, cut on impact, non-mechanical, and do not cost 100.00 a 6 pack.

From: upnorth
largest fixed I can get to fly at 320 fps+ for many years now I shoot both Exodus 1 1/4 and Ramcat 1 3/8 usually have two of each in my quiver . Shot expandables years ago but went to a state that didn't allow them so I now stay with the fixed .

From: SteveD
Snuffers. Easy to sharpen.

From: Reggiezpop
I echo Upnorth. I use Ramcats both mechanical and fixed. Devastating wounds. Also got some Slick Tricks to give a try this year.

From: longspeak74
I prefer a broadhead that doesn't have moving parts and has blades I can replace. Good success with Thunderheads 125.

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