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Odd turkey
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skookumjt 28-Apr-19
Hoot 05-May-19
Franklin 05-May-19
Mike F 05-May-19
Jeff in MN 06-May-19
Franklin 06-May-19
Hoot 07-May-19
Aluminum Rain 07-May-19
From: skookumjt
For the past week or so, I have been seeing turkeys in the strangest spot. A few miles from my house a county highway splits a tag alder bottom that is about 3/4 mile long. Nearly every time I go through there has been a Tom and two or three hens on the road or in the ditch in the middle of the bottom. Not exactly turkey Paradise.

This morning when?I left before 7 he was strutting in the middle of the road. When I went through? again at 8 he was standing in the ditch. Yesterday he was there with his girlfriends at 9 am and 4 pm.

It seems so strange for them to be hanging around in the wet tangle of a swamp with no food or roosting.

From: Hoot
I've usually had turkeys around my bear baits, but never one of these guys.

From: Franklin
I commend you Hoot on your bait site....I don`t see any barrels and very natural looking.

IMO..... I just can`t hunt in those Sanford and Sons looking sites.

From: Mike F
Franklin, No barrels or junk because it's Wisconsin! If you find barrels in Wisconsin, someone better be getting a ticket!

From: Jeff in MN
A relative of mine that has never bear hunted drew a Wisconsin tag and plans to only do one bait, on his farmland. He was going to use a metal barrel for the bait. I straightened him out. Although I don't know why a landowner doing so on his own private land should be illegal.

From: Franklin
I wish all bear hunting outfitters put in the effort that Wisconsin bear hunters do. Guys pay thousands of dollars to hunt over basically a junk yard. I believe this perception really hurts the "baiting" issue.

From: Hoot
Franklin - Thanks for your comment. I saw where there was a resolution at the CC to allow barrels or any man made container for baiting on private land. Myself I'd never use a barrel. When I hunted Canada most bait sites resembled a garbage dump. Wrappers all over the area.

I bet the Nuge baits with barrels.

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