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2019 Plans
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hoyt-6190 13-May-19
BigOzzie 13-May-19
SmokedTrout 13-May-19
Pop-r 15-Jun-19
Shortdraw 19-Jun-19
Irishman 20-Jun-19
Montana Morgans 26-Jul-19
Upstater 29-Jul-19
Upstater 29-Jul-19
Irishman 30-Jul-19
From: hoyt-6190
It’s still early in the year but what are everybody’s 2019 hunt plans? I’ll be bowhunting the breaks mainly. Unless I draw one of the big three tags next month.

From: BigOzzie
Hopefully start with antelope, and move on to deer and elk. If lady luck smiles I would moose hunt. I will end with wolf hunting and trapping.

From: SmokedTrout
Hopefully some elk and antelope to start. Deer later, unless one of those September whitetail bucks shows himself before turning nocturnal. Wolf at any time.

A draw of one of the big three would change everything.

I shook hands with the guy that drew the deer super tag last year while he was on the way to the taxidermist, hoping to get some of that luck. Guess I should buy a couple to put it to the test.

From: Pop-r
Gila first off for me. Then straight to MT for elk, antelope and deer to begin with. Probably in that order unless I run across a deer in the process of the other two I want to try to take. Hopefully B tag results come out this week and I have 2 MT elk tags! Can pick up an extra deer if need be anytime.

From: Shortdraw
Whitetail on the farm, mulie b hopefully, hopefully antelope, elk. Got skunked on the moose and sheep lottery this week. Fly fishing and backpacking in between.

From: Irishman
I'll probably waste some time in August trying to get an antelope with my bow, then on to elk and deer. Not sure where to try for antelope, but have plans to look for elk in different parts of the state this year. In the past, I have hunted the Wisdom area, and up here in NW Montana. Hoping to try out other areas in central Montana this year.

Let me know if you want to look around the beartooths.

From: Upstater
Nw Montana. Hopefully the wolves haven't eaten all the elk!

From: Upstater
Nw Montana. Hopefully the wolves haven't eaten all the elk!

From: Irishman
Montana Morgans, I'd definitely be interested in looking around the Beartooths, and would be welcome of any advice on the area.

Upstater, there still are elk in NW Montana, probably about as many as ever. Numbers of elk in the NW units are nowhere near as high as in a lot of the rest of the state.

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