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here is my biggest (of 2) bull to date for reference. Roughly 270
MarineF18driver's embedded Photo
here is my biggest (of 2) bull to date for reference. Roughly 270
Hey guys, With 1 point I somehow drew the Book Cliffs, Bitter Creek South Archery LE elk tag this year. I am absolutely stoked and was hoping some of you might have insight into hunting this unit.

A little background on me: I'm a Marine Corps F-18 pilot stationed in Iwakuni Japan so getting back to scout before hand is going to be impossible. I have bowhunted for the last 22 years, and elk for the last 10. After 7 unsuccessful years in Colorado, Montana and Idaho I have gone 3 for 3 on my last 3 elk bowhunts (raghorn, 270'', and a cow), along with calling in a few decent bulls for my buddy. I would say physical fitness and mental toughness are my strong suits, but obviously still have a ton to learn and have zero knowledge about Utah or the Book Cliffs. Almost all of my elk hunting has been bivy hunting 3-12miles back in the mountains. The only open country experience I have is a hunt a few years back in the Montana breaks. My calling has definitely improved in the last couple of years and I would almost call it a strength. I have a tripod, 10x50s, mathews halon (good out to about 60 yards on game day elk), and all the backpacking gear. I will not have access to horses or quads unless I hire a guide.

I am still getting my feet wet and am by no means a trophy hunter, looking to enjoy this experience and hopefully take a representative bull

- would you recommend I hire a guide? (and if so any recs?)( I have had some recent success DIY but I will likely have to wait 16 years to ever draw this tag again)

- anybody available to talk on the phone about their past experiences/recommendations?

- what dates within the archery season (aug 17-sept13) would you target if you only had 10 days?

Please Pm me or text/call 434-284-3637 (again I'm on Japan time, phone is on silent at night so I might not answer, but will call you back after checking state side time to make sure you dont get a 3am call back)

From: YZF-88
Congrats on the tag. Wish I could help but i’v Only been there scouting for deer once. Might want to search archives and old threads.

From: Tjw
Great tag. Dates suck. Go the last week. Post on the main sight , not alot of post on utah site... I would start camping on ridge road. The last seven days u get rid of the spike hunters. Don't be afraid to stop and talk to some of the camps. There mostly deer and spike hunter and most know where to look for elk. Good luck..

From: Ranger
I've hunted deer twice out there- archery and muzzy. Saw lots of elk on both seasons. It is starting off good on moisture but the summer will tell (actually drier maybe better for you on the hunt). Archery hot and water hunting during archery and spot and stalk best strategy. Still a lot of folks out there. After hearing last years hunt was very hard and to improve your odds I would suggest going with an outfitter. Several real good ones out there who will know where the elk are and do the scouting so you do not go in blind on the hunt. It will greatly improve your odds and be a better experience on what could be your once in a lifetime hunt. Some real rugged country and with heat you have to work to get the meat back to camp to not spoil and keep the bears off of it. It is big country.

From: Bill in MI
Congrats on the tag man and thank you for your service. Hopefully a few here can help you out with boots on the ground intel. Best of luck!

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