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Seeking Loner Recurve Bow
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Zim 07-Jun-19
INbowdude 19-Jun-19
From: Zim
Just found out our cousins from Chengdu, Sichuan China received approval for US Visas and will be visiting us October 3-19. One week will be spent at our home in LaPorte, during which time I will take Rudy for his first ever hunt. He has 5 longbows and recurves in China but apparently the government or airlines won’t permit him to transport them. So I need to buy, rent or borrow one here for him to use. He shoots ~45# and has a 26” draw length. He belongs to the Chengdu Archery Club and shoots daily back home, which I was stunned to learn, as archery has virtually no presence in China. And there is virtually no game to hunt. They don’t even have a DNR. I am pretty excited about this opportunity to take him. His friends at the archery club are very envious. I will look on Craig’s list as well. Thanks.

From: INbowdude
Sent you a pm.

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