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ODDS of NR drawing a Moose tag
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P&Ybound 09-Jun-19
phutch30 27-Sep-20
From: P&Ybound
For the last decade I've wasted my $25 for a chance on a moose tag in Maine. Pipe dream I know. Every year I don't get drawn and every year I see 10-15 people from the same family get drawn for tags for different seasons, different areas and bull and antlerless. What are the freakin odds that a dozen people from the same family all get drawn? What am I missing??? Clue me in please. Thanks

From: phutch30
It took me 14 yrs but pulled one this yr..headed to ME in two weeks. Some of the family names are pretty common...LOTS of pellitiers etc in NH and ME..I think there were 3 Hutchinsons drawn this year and I don't relate to the other 2

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