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Looking for info on Ashley National Fore
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Bullnasty 12-Jun-19
Tjw 14-Jun-19
BULELK1 19-Jun-19
ben h 20-Jul-19
Bullnasty 21-Jul-19
Bushman 21-Aug-19
From: Bullnasty
Just looking for a little info on the Ashley National Forest. I have hunted Colorado for years/archery elk. This year adding Utah. Looking at the area around Red Cloud Loop. Does this area get hammered hard. We will be hunting the last week of archery. I would appreciate.any info good or bad.

From: Tjw
Gets hammered hard. But there is pockets to find elk.

I like the North Slope more so Daggett Lake/Spirit Lake area...…..

Good luck, Robb

From: ben h

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ben h's embedded Photo
Here's some info. It was named after fur trapper William H. Ashley. He lost his last boat on a Green River trip at disaster falls sometime in the 1820's(?), the same place Powell lost his first boat in 1867 I believe. I've never hunted the south slope, only the north and it's a lot like any other OTC unit, lots of campers/hunters, but I rarely see people more than a mile or so from a road.

From: Bullnasty
Thanks for the info. We are going to stay mobile and try to learn the area. Be safe and shoot straight

From: Bushman
I have hunted the RC Loop for over 25 years. Saw more hunters there last year than ever before. It was bone dry and the elk were either gone or stressed so bad they had severe lock jaw. Didn't hear one bull bugle in 14 days of hunting. I am not sure about the conditions for this year but I was told there was a good snow pack so conditions should be better. I plan to be there after labor day unless I whack a spike in the Bookcliffs. PM me and I will share what I know.

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