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Military moved me to Maine!!
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Cruzie 19-Jun-19
P&Ybound 23-Jun-19
mainecheesehead 20-Aug-19
bowslinger 2 07-Oct-19
From: Cruzie
Hello, I just got to Maine, and thinking about Bowhunting for Bear next spring. Does anyone have any recommendations?? I live Near the Bangor area. Any help would be appreciated. Also if any one want to do a DIY hunt let me know. Thanks Frank

From: P&Ybound
I dont think anyone from Maine frequents the site. Not one word from the peanut gallery on the last 4-5 questions.

double check with the DIF&W but if l'm not mistaken the only spring bear hunt in Maine is on Tribal land so a DIY hunt wouldn't be possible

From: bowslinger 2
I think your right Cheesehead, no spring bear hunts in spring. Lots of opportunity in the fall though. I think there are a lot more bear now than ever.

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