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Anyone from the Big Horn/Sheridan Area?
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Rob in VT 24-Jun-19
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Rob in VT 13-Sep-19
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From: Rob in VT
My wife and I are in the process of buying a home in Big Horn, we close Aug 1st. The plan is to retire there in the next 3-5 years. Wondering if there is anyone on this site that lives in the area?

I plan on being out there sometime early September to start setting up the house. I won’t be hunting this year but hopefully will be able to scout a bit and find some access points to BLM and NF. I plan on stopping at the WY G&F office to see if they can tell me access points.

Anyways if there is anyone in the area hit me up with a PM. Would appreciate any helpful info. Not just hunting related, but where to grocery shop, good restaurants (liked Frackletons and the Rib & Chop House), outdoor shops, where do you target shoot, anything really.

Much appreciated, Rob

From: wytex
Welcome to Wyoming. Get your drivers license changed over asap and get that residency started before Sept so you'll be a resident next fall. Nice area, you will like it.

From: Handle
Are you considering Congratulations, sounds like a wonderful plan:)

From: 7mm08
We should be residents of that general area by then too! Can't wait to retire. One year, eight months and counting.

From: Rob in VT
Thanks Wytex. I won’t be a resident for a few more years, but will be getting my ducks in a row for when I do.

Handle, you’re funny!

7mm, you may be a resident sooner than me! I have 24 months until retirement. The Sheridan area is beautiful. I’m sure you will love it.

Thanks again, Rob

From: Bob H in NH
Wife and I moved just down the road 4 months ago. We are in Buffalo.

Great area, tons of hiking, and land to explore. Looking forward to fall but enjoying summer and golf and hiking now

From: BC
I’m retiring this August but will have to settle for hunting WY as points allow. We are anchored here in the east with grandkids for a few years. Good luck out there, sounds great.

From: Scrappy
I'm not from there yet, but I'm working on it.

From: YosemiteSam

To bad you already bought a place. I got a nice place outside of Ten sleep at the base of the big horns for sale

From: Rob in VT

Rob in VT's embedded Photo
Rob in VT's embedded Photo
Just getting back after 2 weeks in Big Horn. What a beautiful area and the people are super friendly! I was shocked at how many whitetails are there.

Just need to figure out where to hunt as there are many large private ranches near the house.

From: Rob in VT

Rob in VT's embedded Photo
Rob in VT's embedded Photo
From east of town.

From: Wapitidung
I hope to retire in Wy. some day. I used to live in Bighorn. Looking forward to returning to the area. I didn't recognize Sheridan on my last visit. It's seem to have grown quite a bit. If you play golf, Bighorn Golf Club is a great course. In the past the general public could play. Don't know if that's still the case.

From: plenty coups
Great place to visit but I really would rather live somewhere else if I could. Too late and too old now.

I used to live there, and relatives still do. I live in eastern Wy now, so I still go back to the Bighorns for archery spring bear hunting and fall elk hunting (when I get lucky and draw a limited area tag). Sheridan just keeps growing and hunting permission on private property is getting tough, but there is a lot of national forest. The access is easy up Red Grade Road out of Bighorn or Highway 14 out of Dayton. The problem with easy access is that causes good buck mulies to be few and far between on the forest, and elk hunting is tough in the general-tag areas. Antelope numbers are still good, just not a lot of trophy buck genes in the Sheridan area so don't expect monsters and you'll have no problem tagging out if you can find a good waterhole or fence crossing on which to set up a blind. Loads of whitetails around Bighorn, but that "secret" has been out for a long time now and most of the ranches are leased or otherwise charge to access. If you're looking for easy private land access, you'll need to head somewhere less pricey as the millionaires have taken over much of the land around Sheridan now. Sad but true. At least it's nothing like Jackson!

From: Rob in VT

I agree with everything you mentioned. I am starting to look for a piece of land to lease for Whitetails in 2021. Red Grade was a zoo when I was up there in July. So many vehicles and wheelers.

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