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Why an archery permit fee in Idaho?!!!!!
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@rcher 25-Jun-19
YZF-88 25-Jun-19
Sarge 25-Jun-19
Mt. man 26-Jun-19
DDD in Idaho 01-Jul-19
From: @rcher
Why is it that I have to pay an Idaho archery permit fee when no one pays a rife permit fee? This is straight discrimination and would like input on how we get this changed for Idaho residents. I have emailed Idaho Fish & Game with zero replies received. I'm thinking Idaho Legislators are the avenue to get it fixed. Straight discrimination and a ploy to gain more money for their Dept!!!

From: YZF-88
Do you just want the fee waived for residents?

From: Sarge
This particular subject is a very sore area for us oldtimers. Back in late 90's, the fish and game said that in order to guarantee continued archery special seasons that a archery stamp would be needed. They said that it would "NEVER" go up and it would give added $$$ to keep biologists employed to justify any new archery hunts. Then they started cutting back on hunts and then started raising the price in order to justify, yet again, the opportunity for continued sustained archery hunts. Then the saw that they could rape the smoke pole guys too. They did not want to add a rifle stamp and anger the vast majority of the license holders. This is just a short story of the problem, but it still feels like a money rape by the F&G.

From: Mt. man
LOL, it is CHEAP for a WHOLE MONTH of hunting in Sept. and absolutely has nothing to do with discrimination. It's been that way for years and most bowhunters know how nice it is to hunt the whole month of Sept., for the price of going to 1 movie I will gladly keep paying this nominal fee to chase Elk. I'm sorry but way too much whining with words like Discrimination, Racism, Abuse and all the politically correct snowflake words anymore. Enjoy your long OTC season and be glad for it in my opinion. I will be the Lifetime ISB & Lifetime Idaho Hunting license holder that keeps telling IDF&G to not bother answering minuscule pointless questions and leave it ALONE!

From: DDD in Idaho
By "rifle permit" I gotta guess you're talking about a centerfire rifle --- where/when does that season happen??

I see "any weapon" hunts, I don't have to pay additional $$ to participate in those. I can hunt with archery tackle, a thirty ought six, shotgun, muzzle loader or (I guess) a spear. That's what my regular, every day license allows me to do.

However, if I want in the woods using my bow WITHOUT centerfire, muzzle loader, etc,etc, hunters out there with me, I need to pony up a few more $$ to do that. Seems like a pretty simple concept to me.

Have you heard a lot of centerfire guys that want a season all by themselves??

BTW not all of us "old timers" agree about this being a sore subject. Didn't back then either. 8>)


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