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Doe permits
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Can i apply for a 4B and 5C at the same time?

I think you can only apply for one management unit at a time. You can buy multiple tags at once after we get to the over the counter period. They added tags to the 4B unit allocation this year so hopefully it won’t be as hard for us to get a second tag but you’re definitely going to want to put in for 4B 1st

From: RC
First round only one application permitted. Unsold tags second round I think it's 2 applications. But once they go over the counter you can get as many as ya want if they are available.

From: Rut Nut
1st round- NO.

Second round- YES, you can apply for 1 "regular" unit AND 1 special regs (5C,5D and 2B)units at the same time. (actually you can apply for MORE than 1 tag in special regs)

From: BC173
Rumor has it, we are in the process of switching to the New Jersey method of issuing doe tags. :)

From: Bowbender
Just don't mention pink envelopes........



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