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West Yellowstone Bison Permit
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Greg S 27-Jun-19
Scrappy 27-Jun-19
From: Greg S
So I drew the West Yellowstone Bison permit. Just looking for peoples experience with what this hunt will be like. Generally have an idea what it will take to pull a hunt together but definitely a little out of my element with this one. Wouldn’t be opposed to using an outfitter if it’s really necessary. Any info would be much appreciated since I am in the beginning stages of how I want to approach this hunt.

From: Scrappy
No experience other than following threads on various forums. The biggest takeaway is to be very flexible with when you plan to hunt. If the weather dosen't push them out of the park you won't have a hunt. I think that is what happened this past season. Good luck and let's us know how it goes.

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