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Fwp over issued non resident elk tags?
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svrelk 04-Jul-19
Missouribreaks 04-Jul-19
Pop-r 08-Jul-19
Shoots-Straight 08-Jul-19
Shoots-Straight 13-Jul-19
Irishman 14-Jul-19
tradmt 01-Sep-19
From: svrelk
Have y'all heard about the FWP non-resident license "glitch" as they call it. It resulted in an over issued non res elk tags for 2019. Just how many exactly is being closely guarded but estimates from my source is easily over 3000. Be prepared for a slightly more crowded hills this fall. When will FWP get their #$&+ together as far as our draws go? Seems like it's a annual mess...

At least revenue should be better.

From: Pop-r
Somebody should be held accountable.

If you had a link or some sort of proof I'd appreciate it.

I hear close to 800 over.

From: Irishman
So does this just mean that more non residents will be turning back in their tags because they didn't draw the permits for places like the Missouri Breaks?

From: tradmt
I honestly think they do this every year.

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