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Panhandle how often do you see Grizzlie
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Pnwbowlifer 08-Jul-19
Machias 13-Jul-19
NIdaho8 20-Jul-19
From: Pnwbowlifer
Moving to panhandle, i usually hunt solo i the backcountry of Washington. 2020 will be my first season hunting Idaho. My wife doesn't like the idea of me being solo in grizzly country. Im am wondering if anyone has experience in the panhandle area and how often do you actually see Grizzlies?

From: Machias

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There is a really good study with tracking data that shows where a couple of bears hang out. They are certainly there, but you don't see them too often.

From: NIdaho8
Not all that often. Depends on where you hunt. North of Sandpoint along Selkirk crest and North of Clark Fork River to Canadian border you have a decent chance of seeing one if you are in the mountains a lot. Never seen one South of Clark Fork in the Coeur d’Alenes with many miles on the ground there.

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