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Monarch ?????
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trkyslr 11-Jul-19
Irishman 11-Jul-19
trkyslr 11-Jul-19
JMG 17-Jul-19
SBH 18-Jul-19
trkyslr 20-Jul-19
Handforged 06-Mar-20
From: trkyslr
I’ll be hunting within 50 miles of monarch this fall... just curious of the Grizz numbers in that area? Thanks

From: Irishman
I guess it is possible to run into a grizzly in that area, but highly unlikely.

From: trkyslr
Ok thanks Irishman

From: JMG
There was one grizzly reported in the Big Belts last year, but if my memory is correct it was a young bear roaming around. I don’t think it staked out a place to call it’s own. As Irishman stated, the possibility exists but is not likely in this area. Blackbeard are definitely in and around Monarch.

Good luck.

From: SBH
Agree with what's stated above. Very low chance to see one.

From: trkyslr
Thanks guys!

From: Handforged
thought I might contribute: I live adjacent to the L/C in Monarch and last season we had two immature brown (grizz) bears trapped within 5 miles of my house. Now there is a much higher concentration of Black bears to be certain but there are a few brown bears messing around.

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