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Where’s Waldo?
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Swampbuck 12-Jul-19
itshot 20-Jul-19
From: Swampbuck
What’s everyone doing? I know it’s getting close to opening day down south. My hunting ground just got logged out so it’ll be interesting to see what happens this year.

I took our annual family fishing trip to Islamoroda chasing tarpon and boneys. Had a great time, caught a lot of fish till the second till last day when my trim motor and solenoid crapped out on me. Good thing we were close and not way out in the backcountry.

Now it time to leave the heat and do some walleye, sm bass, perch and pike fishing in northern Wisconsin.

Hope everyone’s doing well, good luck this year, J

From: itshot
good stuff justin!

have fun up north and good luck this season!

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