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Brother has been battling serious health issues the past few years and had to turn in a super elk tag in CO as a result. He applied and drew a 45 type 9 elk tag this year gambling his health would hold up, and so far it has. It will be his first elk hunt and my son and I will hunt with him. We are well into our planning stages but are inexperience elk hunters as well as to unit 45. Wondering if anyone out there would be willing to share any info on the unit as well as just general things. We will be hunting 9 days and trying to gather as much info as possible in case we are struggling to find or kill a elk. PM's would be fine also, Pat

From: Jdbowelk
are you camping , moteling or what. a lot of 45 is wilderness which as a nonresident you need a guide to enter. we used to stay at meadowlark lake and hunt from there. on 16 at top of tensleep canon

Thanks James for your reply, and thanks to those with pm's. We will be camping, have a couple atv's, plan on starting our hunt sept 6. We have a starting point and hopefully will be on elk but if not will need to adjust. We are aware of the wilderness areas and rules but feel there is plenty of good hunting areas available to us.

Thanks to everyone who helped out with information on 45, especially the pm's. Mission accomplished as my brothers health held out for him to not only hunt but was able to walk up to 8 miles a day, freaking amazing. Had a great hunt and came one more step from a true giant. Ended up with a 6X6 approximately 280. Weather kicked out buts a bit as we were in tents, nights cold with some pretty good down pours night and day. Not a lot of bugling some days better than others. His first elk made him a happy man. Thanks again.

From: wytex
Great to hear, congrats on the hunt !!

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