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Trail Camera time delay
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LittleBuck 17-Jul-19
Justgrad25 17-Jul-19
Brad Gehman 17-Jul-19
PAbowhunter1064 17-Jul-19
Vonfoust 17-Jul-19
From: LittleBuck
Would like some opinions on how many seconds/minutes to delay photo shutter between pictures. Thanks.

From: Justgrad25
The bigger your card in your camera, the shorter the delay... Don't want to miss something...

From: Brad Gehman
I always had it at one minute, then I changed to 15 seconds, plus three shot bursts. Incredible how many pics you get of the same danged doe over 10 minutes!

This year dad and I switched from taking trail cam pictures, to trail cam videos, and I wished we would’ve done it sooner! We set the cams for 20 second videos, and it’s amazing. Pictures used to leave me wondering how many points were on the far side antler....with a video, you just have to wait until the buck moves it’s head. Videos of does fighting on their hind legs, bucks pushing each other around, and hilarious footage of raccoon brawls! We were always concerned that it would quickly deplete the batteries, but haven’t found any real difference. Having an SD card of 16MB or more is highly recommended though. If you haven’t moved you switch from “pictures” to “videos” yet, give it a try....I don’t think you’ll be disappointed!

From: Vonfoust
I don't need to know exact points, I set as short as possible on a trail and long as possible overlooking any spot that they are likely to linger for awhile. Same as Brad above, I can only look at so many pictures of the same doe and fawns.

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