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Sitka Blacktail Deer hunting
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Ron Murphy 23-Jul-19
Hopeless Place 27-Jul-19
JokerTZ 29-Jul-19
Ron Murphy 29-Jul-19
From: Ron Murphy
I am an older bowhunter with some health issues who loves to hunt deer. I am trying to see if the following situation exists. Is there a place you can stay ,like a motel, or lodge or even in someones home and be able to hunt deer on your own and have the ability to extend your stay as long as it takes. I have had that situation in several places and not having the pressure to produce within a certain time allows me time to rest if necessary and do other things I like.Like fishing, I would be interested in using a guide temporally to learn an area. I am retired and time is more open ended than it used to be, Airline travel is not a problem as I have many frequent flyermiles to use up, I have this type of arraignment in other areas and it seems to work well for me, It could easily become a yearly hunt. I have good examples of the other 4 deer species and would like to spend some time learning about Sitka deer, Anybody have any thoughts, Ron

Coffman Cove Adventures. POW.

From: JokerTZ
Thanks for sharing!

From: Ron Murphy
yes thank you very much, The Coffman Cove Aventure Web sight shows it offers pretty much what I was looking for

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