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Noobie here
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StickFlinger 03-Aug-19
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From: StickFlinger
Im going to start by saying ive never hunted deer, this will be my first year. I found one public land site relatively close but im looking for more spots. Im willing to work or pay for access to land and would accept any sort of help or advice i can get. Trying to get into this hunting thing for my daughter.

From: INbowdude
Welcome. Best advice I can give you is to find a mentor hunter (veteran hunter not necessarily an older hunter] and see if you can tag along with them. Look close to home to save time. Somebody near you will be a hunter. Good luck.

You should let us know what area of the state you are in. You may get more reasonable suggestions for access that way.

I would suggest asking coworkers and extended family members whether they own land and if they would allow you to hunt. Pete

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