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EHD attacking deer again in S. Iowa
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gobble50 03-Aug-19
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kentuckbowhnter 03-Aug-19
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From: gobble50
10 dead within a mile of mile place that I know about - 8 bucks.

From: t-roy
Near what area, Gobble?

what county, come on man.

The area I hunt in Central Iowa was hit bad with EHD 3 years ago. Was in about a 10 mile stretch along the DM river. Numbers were drastically reduced but each year they seem to be bouncing back. Hopefully in another year or two it will be back to normal.

From: gobble50
This is in Warren/Clarke County. It’s been dry & going to get worse.

From: gobble50
Found another dead deer today

I heard around a week ago that down around hwy 20 and south you guys are in a moderate drought? Up here in the northeast where all the rain keeps coming across things are looking great. Haven't seen or heard of any deer dying. Temps have been pretty mild up here most the summer too. That's a tough break for you guys down there for sure.

From: t-roy
I spoke with the DNR officer for the Warren County area, at the State Fair today. He said they are up to over 200 dead deer found so far. Everything from a 200” buck to fawns. Not sounding to good for that area :-(

From: Boatman71

Boatman71's Link
Saw this today.

From: 1boonr
It must not be that bad if the last post was late August

From: Scrappy
Hit hard over here in the quadcities. The airport farm grounds they found over 100 while harvesting the crops. Not out looking just harvesting. It was really bad in spots. From what I was hearing this year was not wide spread but bad in the spots it hit.

From: ahunter76
60 miles N of Quad Cities a friend found 2 Bucks dead on his farm. Another 1 on the place I hunt. Seen few Deer period in that area.

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