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Hunting Partner 2020
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Dirtyred 06-Aug-19
azelkhntr 04-May-20
From: Dirtyred
I'm from Colorado and looking to hunt up north in 2020. I usually hunt solo but dont think it would be smart to do in such an unfamiliar place. Archery or Rifle, Moose, or Caribou, doesn't really matter. Just looking to go hunting somewhere new and learn some new things on the way. I normally hunt mule deer, antelope and elk in wyoming and colorado. I'm 26 and fit so i dont mind long hikes, I've also got a keen eye for glassing up game. PM me if you are looking for an addition to your hunting party.

From: azelkhntr
A fly in moose hunt in AK is on my bucket list someday. All my plans are set for this year however. Hope you make it up there.

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