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Ueli65 07-Aug-19
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From: Ueli65
I hunt Unit 240 (Bitterroots) this year (Sept. 16-26) and wanted to know how the rut is way back in the moutains. I'm going to hunt one of the high mountain lakes and wander if there are many elk around. Does anybody know more about it? Thanks.

It's a shot in the dark with all your eggs in one basket. A few years ago my area supervisor and his brother in law did the same thing you're planning. They packed way back in etc......They did not see a SINGLE elk and ate up all their hunting time packing back out and trying to go elsewhere. If you are dead set on this plan, go in now and check it out. Remember, the Bitterroots can harbor a mature bull but the steep, rough terrain can also have a really low elk density.

From: Ueli65
Thanks. We‘ll try it and are used to steep country. Not sure what we can expect about the rut back there or where to find the bulls. Close to lakes or on top of the ridge... Anyway I happy with any advice. I‘ll let you know more abut the hunt. We‘ll try to reach the Idaho boarder. I heard not much hunter back there. What area are you hunting for elk in the rut?

I live at the foot of the Bitterroots and I choose to hunt elsewhere. It's fun to hike and majestic country with some beautiful back country lakes to fish but simply not the most superb elk hunting. I'm really into shed hunting and I only have a couple areas in the "Roots" that I'll even try and shed hunt because of the low densities. I may hunt it a few times but I'm hunting further east and I have a cow tag for the Sapphire Range side of the valley. You may well have a great hunt and kill a big bull. Good luck and let us know how it goes:)

From: Mule Power
No doubt the steep rocky canyons of the west side are beautiful. They all have high mountain lakes at the head of the drainage which make incredible campsites with good fishing. But they’re not that great for elk hunting. There will be elk in most of them but not a lot and if they hear you or worse get wind of you they will use their little goat path escape routes to leave that drainage and the rest of your hunt will be a disappointing camping trip. Relocating once you’re back in one of those cliff sided holes in next to impossible too.

Up over the top on the Idaho side the wolves really did some serious damage and a lot of the elk from the Montana side winter over there on the Selway River.

I assume you already have the permit for that unit?

From: Irishman
I don't think you need any special permit for 240.

From: Deflatem
Not many elk up high at that time. they will be more likely on the face of the bitterroots chasing cows.

From: svrelk
I live here as well.. wouldn't think of going into any west side drainage for elk during the rut. 20 years ago pre wolf, absolutely..

From: Ueli65
No bugling in 240 in our drainage. How is the rut at your place?

From: Irishman
I have not heard much bugling in the last week. Just a little early in the mornings.

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