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The Big Snowy Mountains
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muleman1953 16-Aug-19
Irishman 18-Aug-19
muleman1953 25-Aug-19
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WeekendWarrior 26-Aug-19
muleman1953 26-Aug-19
From: muleman1953
Could anybody help an old guy out on The Big Snowy. I drew a 900-20 elk tag an I am looking for some help/advice. I'm 66 for Nebraska farm country with 2 great mules looking at the Snowys or any other good area with Good elk numbers. I've hunted in Montana many years but never in any of these units. I'd appreciate any help with this tag as at 66 my days are numbered at this game. Private PM would be great, heck maybe I could help you on some areas I've had great success. Thank You Wayne

From: Irishman
Looks like you have killed some huge elk in the past Wayne. I'm getting kind of old too, any chance of giving me some idea where you found all those big bulls? Unfortunately I know nothing about the Snowies.

From: muleman1953
Thank You, A couple were right there in Montana, in the breaks, back when the lake was way down in unit 620,621. 1 came from nevada, 3 from Arizona, 2 from Wyomeing, some from New Mexico, it's getting really hard now days just to draw a good tag, let alone being blessed to harvest a good bull. I've got more stories about the big ones that got away than the ones I've gotten. Really saddens me to see us old guys passing like DannyMoore, not many years left in me for elk hunting. If you want more private info PM me. Wayne

Did I read that right Danny Moore (BigDan) has passed? Not to highjack the thread...

From: deerslayer
Yes. There were a few threads on the main page about it. Sounds like he was antelope hunting in Nevada and was found in his camper. Not a bad way to go at all.

Wow, RIP Big Dan. I thoroughly enjoyed his posts. Again sorry for interrupting the thread.

From: muleman1953
That's ok, Danny was a Great guy!

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