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Good Forest Service Cabins
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Handturkee 21-Aug-19
SmokedTrout 22-Aug-19
From: Handturkee
Hi Guys,

I hunt all over Montana and use it as a fun way to explore the mountains around the state. I like backcountry tent hunts as well as trailhead elk camps and even the occasional hotel room. This season I am thinking of booking a forestry cabin or two to change things up. Does anyone have good recommendations of somewhat remote cabins that might make for good hunting HQ? I tend to hunt on general resident tags, so I should be good for most areas. Thanks in advance!

From: SmokedTrout
In the Lincoln area I've stayed at the Cummings Cabin (in lower Hogum Cr) and at Granite Butte Lookout. There was a fire this year just above the Cummings Cabin, might be interesting. Granite Butte could be fun but it is right on the divide so you might get more wind than you'd like. Cummings is usually available, Granite Butte can be tough to get.

I've stayed at several FS Cabins north of Polebridge, but usually for fishing. Doubt you could even get one of those right now, but you never know. They usually book 6 months in advance within seconds of becoming available.

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