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Middlefork zone elk/bear starting point
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Bramrains 26-Aug-19
From: Bramrains
Hey everyone. A friend and I are backpacking the middlefork zone mid September. I know I know I've heard every horror story known to man about its ruggedness, wolves, etc. What I'm really just looking for is advice on narrowing down areas. Weve been scouting online maps a lot and even put in calls to the state but info is as scattered as my pregnant wife's brain.

What types of terrain and areas should we be focusing on? I'd love to shoot an elk but would be equally as happy with a bear. If anyone has any experience/insight on what to look for when scouting areas it would be greatly appreciated. I've heard the animals here dont really follow your typical patterns as far as cover, water, etc. due to wolves.

Not looking for any specific spots or secrets (although I wont say no to them) just advice on narrowing down this vast country.

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