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EHD/Blue-tongue/dead deer
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INbowdude 26-Aug-19
RMhunter 27-Aug-19
INbowdude 27-Aug-19
1boonr 01-Sep-19
INbowdude 02-Sep-19
From: INbowdude

INbowdude's embedded Photo
INbowdude's embedded Photo
I found this doe away from the closest water source. Followed my nose right to it. Obviously the coyotes chewed on it but no buzzards on it. Maggots still working it over and it looked like it was dead less than a day (no more than 2).

From: RMhunter
That sucks, have you guys been getting any rain lately

From: INbowdude
Yes, rain finally, but it came late. Corn and beans way behind in central Indiana.

From: 1boonr
Rain doesn’t stop it, only a hard frost and it’s a long wait for that

From: INbowdude
1boonr, you got that right. Best of luck this season.

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