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September commish mtg, here we go again
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From: Grasshopper
FYI to CBA members:

The meetings materials for the Sept 5th Parks and Wildlife meeting have been posted. I am concerned about the continuing discussion of BGSS and archery elk, you should be too.

In July, the PWC passed Alternative 1. If you read the attached, limited license language is still there. Additionally this item is listed as "A" on the agenda which means final action vote. In my opinion any issue paper to implement GMU level change should be two stepped, giving the opportunity for public comment. As well, if you look at the maps there is a lot of GMU's that CPW is opening up for commission examination, while they are only recommending 2 DAU's be adjusted.

Commissioner Garcia has described to me a desire to totally limit Grand county archery hunters, but CPW & CBA surveys oppose this. [email protected] Garcia is appointed as a sportsmans rep, tell him what you think.

If you look at what happened in E-16, there was no mention of separate hunt codes in the issue paper, but they were introduced THE day of approval before the commission. It created a situation where licensing is unlimited bull only, but none of our 35,000 statewide E/S OTC hunters can hunt there. It was de facto -limited, and made bull only.

I guess I will have windshield time tomorrow to make a lot of phone calls while on my way to my elk hunting camp. Hopefully I can talk to Marie Haskett and other commissioners tomorrow. I encourage CBA members to get comments in too. I do not see why anything has to be final voted in Sept to be in place for 2020.

From: RogBow
Good luck

From: RDHunts
Grasshopper, thanks for all the work.

From: KHunter
ditto. Much appreciated!

From: Grasshopper

Grasshopper's Link
I forgot to include the link, sorry. I am thinking about what I need to throw in the truck, and obviously distracted.

From: Bowman
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From: Jaquomo
Thanks, Steve. As you and I discussed awhile back, OTC archery appears to be headed toward death by a thousand cuts under this current Commission. If they start down this path and keep OTC but cram everyone into a few remaining units, it will be a trainwreck. May as well go all limited and get on with it.

I don't see any reason they can't mange those units like they do the OTC 4 point restriction units vs. the OTC any bull units. All those units are already 4 point restricted units. Keep them OTC and add cows to the restriction. It's the hunters responsibility to know what is legal and what isn't in the unit they are hunting. Any OTC hunter would then be able to hunt those units, they just could not shoot a cow. The majority of archery hunters I know only shoot bulls anyway.

From: txhunter58
That is what they basically did in Southwest Colorado. And that puts tremendous pressure on bulls so the hunting sucks right now

From: john19
The elk is an animal that we need to protect. trap the cat

From: annajimmy
They essentially carried it out in Southwest Colorado. And that puts a lot of pressure on bulls, making the current hunting season terrible. godskin apostle

Steve's post dated 2019, four years ago.

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