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Non-Permit Javelina Hunt until Dec 31?!
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Archer1775 02-Sep-19
AZ8 02-Sep-19
Scar Finga 13-Sep-19
From: Archer1775

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Archer1775's embedded Photo
Just picked up the 2019-2020 regulations and saw there is an OTC Non-Permit Javelina hunt going from August to December? One of the units (9) was where I scouted for deer for my non-permit deer tag is on the list of open units. I didn’t end up choosing to hunt that unit for deer but I did find a couple smaller groups of pigs and would love if I could hunt it. For some reason I thought the non permit hunt ended on Sep 12? I’m new to AZ which is adding to the confusion.

From: AZ8
The regulations are correct. Pick up an OTC tag, grab your bow and head north! :)

From: Scar Finga
^^^^ what he said^^^^ Good Luck and welcome to AZ!

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