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mrw 04-Sep-19
CG 16-Sep-19
Outdoorsman 20-Sep-19
Pi 20-Sep-19
DeerDan 30-Dec-19
From: mrw
So I was looking for a Zone 1 spot maybe closer to home this summer and was hoping for something in Cumberland. While reading through the town's by laws I found his gem: 26-2, 4-b It shall be unlawful for any person while hunting or pursuing wild birds or wild animals in the Town to use an air rifle (BB gun), air pellet gun, bow and arrow or rifle.

So is Cumberland shotgun/muzzleloader only?

From: CG
I have this exact same question. Also can you hunt Sundays in Rhode Island?

From: Outdoorsman
Sunday hunting in RI is allowed. No idea about the restrictions on bow hunting, though.

From: Pi
The Best Public Hunting Cumberland RI. Local Public ... [Search domain]

From: DeerDan

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