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Small game arrow recs
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Spikey 06-Sep-19
oldgoat 06-Sep-19
Surfbow 06-Sep-19
MarvinHall 16-May-21
Hank_S 16-May-21
Longcruise 16-May-21
BeckyIScheffler 05-Jun-21
From: Spikey
Since I now unwillingly possess a small game tag in order to apply for big game draws in CO, I figure I may as well start spearing some grouse, rabbits, etc... while in pursuit of larger quarry. My problem is I don't want to destroy a $20 carbon arrow/broadhead each time. I have a compilation of old aluminum and carbon arrows from old bows that I no longer use. Is there any danger of damaging my bow shooting up some of those old arrows? I imagine accuracy will be quite off too, based on different arrow weights, characteristics, etc... Also any recs on what type of points to use for small game? When I was a kid I used some judo points I believe. Thanks.

From: oldgoat
As long as those are are sufficiently stiff you should be fine and most of the shots at grouse are pretty close are should be anyway so accuracy should be ok too. I prefer the VPA Small Game Heads, much tougher than the Judos, but those will work fine too. Don't overthink it and don't be surprised after eating the grouse that you will turn an elk hunt into a grouse hunt at the drop of a dime! I don't pass on chasing grouse unless I have elk in sight or hear bugling!

From: Surfbow
Rubber blunts or judos on your normal arrows, you're not going to hurt your arrows unless you're shooting at rocks. I always have at least one arrow in my quiver with a small game head...

From: MarvinHall
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From: Hank_S
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From: Longcruise
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