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Frustrated with Early Season Mule Deer!
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Archer1775 07-Sep-19
dirtclod Az. 08-Sep-19
creed 08-Sep-19
Coyote 65 08-Sep-19
From: Archer1775
Hi All,

I am new to Arizona and new to Archery hunting, I would normally hunt deer on private land in NM before. I have been out the last few days hunting deer in AZ Unit 19A. I have yet to see one damn deer. I am mostly concentrating on the north and west sides of Woodchute mountain. I have seen literally everything else beds, trails, shit, rubs you name it; some of it looks pretty fresh. I am so frustrated. I have put in 22 miles of walking and glassed 8-9 separate hills and still nothing. I am taking the rest of today off and went home but I would like to go back out tomorrow AM and hunt for at least 3-4 more days.

Any tips you guys have would be much appreciated I am at a loss here.

From: dirtclod Az.
19A. is there any water,too much water?Deer are only out at night especially with the new moon,Find a large Dark timber area,hunt between water and bedding area. Hunt at fringe of DarkTimber and water/feeding areas at Dawn and Dusk.Sit inside Dark Timber at noon hours. Deer need Water,Food,Sleep.Wait and you shall be rewarded.

From: creed
Don't keep beating a dead horse. Move.

From: Coyote 65
Saw 3 mule deer buck about 30 minutes ago on my way home from town. Two 4x4's and 1 3x3 guess where I am going to be tomorrow AM. As I am typing this a couple of does are trying to raid the bird feeder. Location location location.


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