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Cow hunting
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Ajg1985 13-Sep-19
GregE 07-Dec-19
fistadvise 11-Aug-22
From: Ajg1985
Hey everyone, new to hunting, this is my 3rd year chasing elk. I'm hoping to find information on hunting Roosevelt cows. My family has a 20 acre property that is frequented by elk year round. During the rut, the bulls tend to leave to other areas that I cannot hunt. Anyway, cows seem to still roam through here. I'm wondering if the best way to hunt them is to just set up an ambush point and hope they walk through? Should I use a cow call? Any tips would be great, thanks! Keep in mind, it's thick brush with trails that allow 10-40 yards visibility max.

From: GregE
Sounds like a good opportunity. Did it work out for you?


From: fistadvise
If you want to be a Roosevelt cows hunter you should equip yourself with weapons and may have been hiding in the curtains nearby. The reindeer were very alert when moving, so the hunters had to hide within shooting distance run 3

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