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South China woods on rt 3
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Bossman09 30-Sep-19
bowslinger 2 07-Oct-19
Altek 10-Nov-19
From: Bossman09
I live in south China Maine and i see alot of wood that have atv trails with no signs saying no hunting i want to hunt deer with a treestand but don't want to get myself in trouble. So my question is who or how do i find out if it's ok to hunt there on rt 3

From: bowslinger 2
Go to the town office and find out who owns the land then ask for permission to hang a stand and hunt there.. LISTEN UP PEOPLE.... Down load the hunting laws and regulations for the State of Maine. It gives All info what you CAN AND CAN'T do.

From: Altek
Good advice regarding need to know the regs but the regs definately do NOT have 'all info' and neither are they written in a particularly user-friendly way for finding specifics. Also, be aware that it's better to use the on-line regs as the printed rule books are not always up-to-date (i.e., the dates and times aren't always correct in the 2018-2019 rulebook). Apparently proofreading them isn't a priority before printing.

See the post here on hunting public land, it has some useful info on treestand use.

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