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Anyone out there??
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Swampbuck 02-Oct-19
JL 02-Oct-19
bigswivle 06-Oct-19
Swampbuck 07-Oct-19
itshot 23-Nov-19
From: Swampbuck
Anyone been out in the woods yet? I put it off for a bit. Heading out next week, hopefully it’ll be cool—er

From: JL
My bud and a nephew have been trying. Their getting good cam pics, just not seeing much yet when in the stand.

From: bigswivle
Saw my first decent deer this morning chasing some does. Been pretty slow, every time I go to shoot a doe it’s got a spotted fawn with it and I just don’t have the heart anymore. Lmao

From: Swampbuck

Swampbuck's embedded Photo
Swampbuck's embedded Photo
Made it, had a little 7 walk by after the storms

From: itshot
first season in 2 decades where i just dont care, been out for 1 hunt, rest of the time fishing...hope you guys are seeing some good deer!

swampbuck got a helluva deer, look on BG forum for 2019 meatpole..congrats again on that one!!

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