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From: hockey7
This is in southern Ontario..... My son helps his buddy shoot all summer with a traditional bow... He invites him hunting with us this past weekend near Clinton... Sets him up in a stand...first time hunting. An hour passes, and he shoots a doe... Texts my son, and my son replies to walk quietly out and back to his truck, give the deer some time to bleed out, my son will meet him there. Conservation officer (woman) shows up at truck asks him if he shot anything...he says yes... She asks did you tag the deer...he says no...giving it some time to expire... She writes him a $360 ticket for not tagging...he says I can't yet, maybe it's not dead, and I'll jump it only to run off... She says don't argue with me or I'll take your bow, and deer... She makes him notch the tag even though the deer is not yet recovered.. My son pulls up, they find the deer and drag it out... Unbelievable....

He will fight the ticket!!!

From: Mnhunter1980
WTH!! Did she misunderstand the situation? That is crazy! You would think being a C.O. She would understand how things work in the bush. It’s not a grouse ,you don’t just jump on the blood trail immediately. Geez lady have some patience. Hope things work out for him. Good luck

From: cath8r
How did it turn out? I hunt some family property near Clinton.

From: hockey7
Poor guy had to drive a six hr. round trip, unpaid day off of work, but happy ending...judge in Goderich threw it out. CO needs an education before this coming season.

Today's conservation depts are the real threat to hunting, sad to say...you are the enemy in their minds

I bet there's more to this story!

From: hockey7
In what way arrow 1 ?????

From: Huntcell
THE rest of the story .....bad timing she was stressed her boyfriend dumped her the previous day, she woke up and her male dog had chewed her right shoe to pieces, the young man at the drive thru messed up her breakfast order, when she arrived at the command center to start the days work her male boss chewed her out for not being in regulation dress, what is with the slippers anyways, all morning on patrol and not one ticket opportunity, lunch at the greasy spoon made her stomach churn all afternoon, and then she came upon your friend........

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