Montana Hunt and Fish Company
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midwest 08-Oct-19
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From: midwest
I posted this on the elk forum and haven't gotten much response. Is this outfit still around? I remember reading lots of great reviews on Bowsite but haven't seen anything recently. A friend is looking for a Montana elk bowhunt with his dad for next year. Any other recommendations would be appreciated. They don't need any special accommodations and would consider a pack in hunt as well.

From: JMG
I don’t recall ever hearing about them. I you tried to google them?

From: midwest

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midwest's embedded Photo
The owner's name was Vinny. I'm assuming they're out of business.

From: Riplip
I believe Vinny sold the operation, and the name was changed to Montana Elk & Trout. They built a new lodge, but still hunt the same leases.

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