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Explain how Wyoming non resident draw
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From: razorsharp

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I am having trouble interpreting the data from the 2018 draw %.How do you tell what all of this means?? Is every line a separate draw with different quotas that require different amounts of points?? This is for 39-9 in 2018.

From: Bob H in NH
With 5+ points 50% of the people drew. 6 points or more 100% drew. 5 or less, none drew

You can have more than 5 and leas than 6 due to point averaging for a party

From: WapitiBob
Look at the real demand reports, that page your posting is incomplete.

Less than 5.0000 was 0%

5.0000 points was 50%

5.0001 to 5.9999 was 100%

6.0000 and above was 100%

From: razorsharp
Thank you.

From: Brun
I don't mean to hijack this thread, but I also have a question about the Wyoming non-resident process. If a guy puts in for the random draw and gets picked, does he forfeit his preference points or is it a completely separate thing?

From: wytex
First choice draw takes your PP, random or not.

From: Brun
That's what I guessed, but thanks for the answer.

wytex is correct, but you don’t “put in” for the random draw. All applicants are entered into the preference point draw, regardless of how many PP’s they have. Those that are unsuccessful in the PP draw are then entered into the random draw.

Also be aware that many units are experiencing serious "point creep" these days. So for example, if your unit had 50% draw with between 5 and 6 points and 100% draw with 6 or more points in this past year's draw, and your group of two hunters didn't draw with 5.5 points (average between the two people, one had 5 points the other had 6), you might expect next year after each gaining a point that you'll draw with 6.5 points average, since 100% of people with 6 or more points drew this past year. HOWEVER, that is often not the case because of "point creep": there are people who just buy preference points and don't enter the draw for whatever reason and also, there are those who are bouncing around between different units, etc. Thus, what can happen is that in next year's draw all the numbers creep up: so, for example, next year no one with 6 or fewer points draws, between 6 and 7 is about a 50% chance, and it takes 7 or more to have a 100% chance of drawing. This happens a lot in units that have small numbers of available tags. But it also happens in big number units. For example, the Non-resident general elk tag in 2019 had 100% draw for those with 2+ points. This year, it required 3+. And with thousands of tags, that's perhaps one of the biggest "units" in the state. Thank God for the fact that Wyoming puts 25% of tags in most units in a second "random draw" that doesn't look at preference points at all, or people without max points would always be chasing the point creep in some units and never have a chance at drawing. If you want to see how bad "point creep" can get, just look at the numbers in the bighorn sheep drawings and consider how many people have max points and still haven't drawn after 25 years...

Write a big preference point check for years and pray you draw before retirement sets in.

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