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Using handgun to finish wounded deer
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JD 13-Oct-19
sticksender 14-Oct-19
JTV 14-Oct-19
INbowdude 14-Oct-19
From: JD
Had this happen and probably sounds stupid. Hunted yesterday and only had one arrow. Well the shot didnt go as planned and walked up on the deer with no arrows to finish it. I carry a .45 and didnt use it not being sure if it is legal. Anyone have info on this.

From: sticksender
Not legal during archery or crossbow seasons. Actually that would not be legal during firearm season either, since the cartridge is not a legal deer round.

From: JTV
Illegal to use during archery .... even during gun season, it must be a legal cartridge ... ^^^

From: INbowdude
Okay, I just gotta ask, why only 1 arrow. I know you are good but don't you want some insurance? On another level, did you use the knife to finish it off or just wait?

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