Peak of the rut
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Gene 18-Oct-19
bowonly 21-Oct-19
Gene 28-Oct-19
From: Gene
When is the peak of the rut here in Louisiana? I am sure the timing is different here than it was in CT where I moved from. The peak in CT was the first week in November until around Thanksgiving.

From: bowonly

bowonly's embedded Photo
bowonly's embedded Photo
Depends on what part of the state you're hunting. Louisiana is unique in that you can follow the rut through the state the entire hunting season. I have attached a map of the estimated rut timing for the entire state.

From: Gene
That is some interesting rut timing map! I never would have guessed there was so much variation in rut activity in one state. New England is pretty much the same from Maine to Long Island Sound. Thanks for posting it.

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