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January 4, 2020 1 Day Supplemental class
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Awoguide 24-Oct-19
Awoguide 24-Oct-19
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fishnride 05-Jan-20
From: Awoguide

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Participants in the Supplemental class, January 2019
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Participants in the Supplemental class, January 2019
For those who are seeking the permanent bonus point given by the Arizona Game & Fish Department for completion of the one day Supplemental class, the first class for 2020 is now open for enrollment.

When: January 4, 2020

Where: 7 Mile Hill Range, Golden Valley Arizona (Kingman)

Times: 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. (Arizona time)

Max number of attendees: 35--first come first serve, and must register with AZGFD, waiting list of no more than 10 persons will be made in case of cancellations!

Cost: $8 paid at the door

Who can attend: Anyone ages 14 and older who have taken and passed a hunter education class in another state since 1985 and has proof of graduation can attend this class. Proof must be sent to Chief Instructor Don Martin in the form of a text to 928-303-9481 or by email at [email protected]

Young persons ages 9-13 who have graduated from a hunter education class can only attend with the Chief Instructors approval.

Notes: This is an extremely fast paced class and young persons may have difficulty is passing the final test!

A local motel will be offering a small discount for attendees, call Chief Instructor Don Martin at 928-303-9481 for information, but obviously attendees can register at any motel of your choice in the Kingman area.

Right now there are still 23 seats open! Remember first come-first serve and only those registered on the AZGFD website will be accepted into the class.

No firearms permitted in this [email protected] It is a "cold facility!"

If you register and then find out you cannot attend, please go back online and remove yourself from the roster so that other persons can attend.

For more information contact Don Martin at 928-303-9481 or at [email protected]

Don Martin Volunteer Chief Instructor Region 3 Kingman, AZ

From: Awoguide

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Supplemental Hunter Ed class
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Supplemental Hunter Ed class

Middle of archery deer season. Will you have one later?

From: dirtclod Az.
I saw there may be one in April.Don would know.

From: c3
I think I remember that guy on the right :)

Did the class last year and well worth your time in addition to getting your point.

As for deer hunting right then, it's only one day and an exceptional excuse to either go hunting or scouting units you might be interested in. I did a whirlwind tour of some of the units I was wanted to see and had a great time last year.

Now to figure out where to go hunt this winter :)

Cheers, Pete

From: Z Barebow
I think I remember that guy Pete!

And I agree. One day away from hunting to acquire a permanent point? Sign me up! (Wait a minute, I did sign up in 2019. I was there. I can hunt away!)

From: fishnride
Thanks for posting this thread up on the website Don. I was at the class and without your post the class probably would have filled up before I noticed.

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