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stick n string 30-Oct-19
Bogie 01-Nov-19
stick n string 01-Nov-19
Shuteye 07-Dec-19
stick n string 09-Dec-19
Any of u ppl that dont seem to be here makin out good? Im coming down to hunt all day sunday and then monday until lunch. We will be in Region A. Good luck to everyone. Hoping to see bucks cruisin around this weekend on the trip down

From: Bogie
good luck and be safe. Whitetail and starting to rut and a cold weekend report should make for some great action.

Well I figured I had a better chance to get a big buck to walk under my stand then I did to get a response on the Maryland state forum. And I got a response so I feel really good about my chances of getting a crack at a buckā€¦ LOL.

Have you been out in the woods bogie? I know things are starting to heat up here in Pennsylvania. Putting a quick hunt in up here tomorrow morning and then getting ready to head south!

From: Shuteye

Shuteye's embedded Photo
Shuteye's embedded Photo
Got a nice fat doe. I wish it was turkey season since i had four gobblers walk right by me this morning and I could only shoot one with my camera.

Congrats on the doe Shuteye. Great pic of the longbeard. Ive noticed, u guts kind of have goofy fall turkey seasons down there!

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